Dr. Paul Carpenter is a widely recognized chiropractor in the Bridgeport area of Connecticut. He has individually been in practice for nearly 40 years, and currently serves as Director at Chiropractic Associates of Bridgeport. Aside from his unwavering dedication to his profession, Dr. Paul carpenter has been thoroughly interested in freshwater aquariums for most of his life.

Paul Carpenter’s interest in aquariums started at a young age. While growing up in Whitestone Queens, New York City, his friend’s father had a 10 gallon freshwater aquarium, which Paul found quite fascinating. After saving some money, Paul decided to buy his first aquarium at the age of 12. It was a 20 gallon used aquarium with fish and all equipment at one third the cost from a local classified ad newspaper. Paul’s fascination with aquariums quickly grew from there. Soon enough Paul was making at least three 8 mile trips to the pet store a week.

After his adolescent years, Paul found himself occasionally visiting pet shops and thoroughly enjoying the growth of saltwater reef aquariums. After the birth of his fourth son, Paul decided to pursue his passion for aquariums. He purchased a 55 gallon complete reef tank with fish and corals, and a year later Paul had a 300 gallon state of the reef aquarium installed in house.  Ten years later, while building his new office in Bridgeport Connecticut, Paul Carpenter decided to include a 500 gallon reef aquarium in the reception area. And so, Paul found himself with a total of 800 gallons of fish and corals at his  home and in his office!  

Paul’s reef aquarium involvement has flourished over the years. After a local fish store has gone out of business, Paul jumped on the opportunity to install a complete ‘aquarium store system”, which included 35 tanks and related equipment, in his home basement. After combining his new system with his existing 300 gallon system at home, Paul’s total volume was 1800 gallons. Aside from his normal reef aquarium, Paul’s smaller tanks housed exotic fish and invertebrates,  crabs and  lobsters, all of which were incompatible with normal reef aquarium. This system was the ultimate for a marine aquarist.

A few years later, Paul was presented with yet another opportunity.  There was a small commercial building for sale in Westport, Connecticut  which contained fully equipped a saltwater reef aquarium store with 56 tanks that were up and running.  Paul has originally purchased the building strictly for investment purposes but later decided to hire a manager to run the aquarium store. Dr. Carpenter soon sold the business to his manager and 10 years later, The Westport Aquarium is still in business.  

Today, Paul Carpenter enjoys sharing his 500 gallon office tank with patients. The tank offers visitors a tranquil atmosphere, and for now, that’s enough for Paul!