Within the last couple of years, travel influencers have become popular. These influencers often post attractive photos on Instagram, showing that they are passionate about their travels. Here is a look at the top travel Instagram accounts that you should keep an eye on.

Sam Horine – @samhorine
Horine tries to photograph places that are often overlooked by society. Horine loves searching for special graffiti walls and back alleys of abandoned factories.

Murad Osmann – @muradosmann
Murad Osmann strives to see beyond the obvious. Osmann’s photography was featured in multiple magazines, which brought him notoriety throughout the travel and photography industry.

Andrew Evans – @whereandrew
As a former Digital Nomad, Evans is constantly changing his destination. Evans has traveled from Washington DC all the way to Antarctica. Evans tries to find authenticity through his travels.

Loic Lagarde – @loic.lagarde
Loic Lagarde is known for his breathtaking photos on his worldly travels. Lagarde’s account features stunning photos of Europe’s scenery.

Lauren Bullen -@Gypsea_Lust
Photographer Lauren Bullen takes tremendous photos of herself traveling through Europe and The Middle East.

It’s Beautiful Here – @Itsbeautifulhere
Gigi Hopkins showcases her life on the road. You’ll see photos from New York to Australia.

Beautiful Destinations – @beautifuldestinations
Beautiful Destinations highlights wonderful food, hotels, and apparel. They have a network of talented photographers.

Jack Morris – @Doyoutravel
Australian Jack Morris travels the World and photographs every step.

Alex Strohl – @alexstrohl
Strohl has millions of followers, as he primarily takes photos of North American nature.

Chloe Ting – @chole_t
Chloe Ting’s photos are known for their composition and scenery.

Hannah & Nick – @Saltinourhair
The Dutch couple has gained a huge following through their travels.

Wall traveled – @Walltraveled
Rosie Clayton strives to find the best public art from around the World.

Callum Snape – @CalSnape
Based out of Canada, Cal Snape always finds amazing views of lakes and mountains.

Kiki – @Theblondeabroad
Kiersten Rich travels the World, showcasing her happiness.

Mark Wiens – @markwiens_thefoodblogger_fp
Wiens uses the global love of food to bring everyone together.