Fish are a wonderful hobby for both kids and adults. Kids are fascinated by these mysterious creatures. Fish are interesting and educational. As they learn how to feed and care for their pets, kids learn about responsibility and compassion for animals. Adults will like the calm beauty of the fish as they swim through the clear water, going about their small affairs.

A Tranquil Hobby

The tranquility of a home aquarium is an asset to any room in your home. Always place the aquarium in a room where family members spend much of their time. That way, everyone gets the most enjoyment from it. Routine cleaning and maintenance will be better remembered, and will be easier to do than if the tank were in some obscure location.

It depends on the species and number of fish you plan to keep, but a 20 gallon tank would be the smallest to consider. It’s easier to maintain high water quality in a bigger tank because toxins are more easily and completely diluted. If you would like to eventually house a lot of fish, then get an even bigger tank now. You can still begin with just a few fish if you like. When you’re ready, just add more later. You will need a heater, filter and lighting. Get some aquatic plants and rock formations to place on the tank’s bottom. Some fish like to hide in them.

Glass or Acrylic?

There are both glass and acrylic aquariums, so you will need to first decide which material you prefer. Glass is less expensive and more scratch-resistant. Acrylic is more prone to scratches, but it’s lighter and stronger. Regardless of the aquarium’s material, remember that water is heavy and a 30-gallon tank, when full, can easily weigh 300 pounds and more. Make sure the floor can take the weight of a filled tank and its stand.

Some good aquarium brands to look for are Aqueon, Aquatic Fundamentals, Fluval and Nano Cube. All make quality tanks and all offer starter kits. For starter fish, look for species that aren’t delicate and get along with other species. The platy, glo-fish, danios, black molly, black-skirted tetra and swordtail are good choices for a beginner aquariums and the novice fish hobbyist.

Siamese Fighting Fish

The stunningly beautiful and colorful betta, also known as the Siamese Fighting Fish, makes a good addition to the tank. The males have lovely long fins and they are immensely proud of them. Just be sure that the other fish don’t molest the betta’s long fins. You can only keep one male betta per tank because they will fight to the death if they encounter another male betta. They will even attempt to fight their own image in a mirror.

Keeping fish is a marvelous, peaceful hobby that will give you a lifetime of enjoyment. Use the information you learned here about beginner aquariums to help you get started today.