As the holidays are coming to a close, many families are beginning to plan their there summer getaways. Most are thinking of tropical islands or amusement parks, but very few stop to consider locations closer to home and overlook cities like Bridgeport. The best time of year to visit Bridgeport is summer and here’s why:

Bridgeport in Summertime

If you are considering travel in New England this year, but want to experience more than the popular autumnal sightseeing, a summer getaway on the Connecticut shoreline may be just the change of pace you need. Bridgeport is a bustling, modern city — the largest in Connecticut, and a major center of regional commerce.

Attractions of all stripes are scattered throughout the city proper, and the best way to ensure you’re able to enjoy them all is to travel during the warm summer months, when New England’s southern coastlines truly come to life.

In order to properly experience Bridgeport, expect to spend lots of time outside! A zip-line park, zoo, and local history and art museums proudly displaying the area’s valued cultural treasures are family favorites. If you want to get out on the water, enjoy a sun-drenched hike out to one of the lighthouses that dot the shoreline. Or take a trip down to the Captain’s Cove Seaport, where the boardwalk is alive is local vendors including the phenomenal maritime museum.

Free water taxis to the remnants of the abandoned Pleasure Beach, one of the country’s earliest amusement parks, are also available for those with a sense of adventure! Many of the old structures are still standing, including the original carousel.

Once the sun sets, warm air coming off the Sound will keep you exploring the city well into the evening. Bridgeport’s nightlife has a bit of something for everyone, including trendy bistros, bars, and gastropubs, live music venues, and several theater stages where performers to suit every taste or curiosity take the stage daily.
Though it’s true that New England is always a place of great beauty and excitement — it is especially true in the summertime. Come see that traveling Connecticut is a whole lot more than just foliage this summer!