Exploring Connecticut can be a great adventure and fun for the whole family. Most people are familiar with the popular attractions there such as Yale university and the state capitol but there are many other hidden gems to explore. Here are a few attractions you may not have known about before:

Mark Twain
The first hidden gem in Connecticut that not everybody may know about is the Mark Twain house. Mark Twain was one of the most influential writers of his time period and most of his most popular literature was written at his beautiful Victorian estate located at 351 Farmington Ave in Hartford, Connecticut. There are activities for children inside as well as an extensive tour of the mansion that holds so much history.

Beckley Furnace
Another commonly overlooked yet great place to travel in Connecticut is the Beckley Furnace. Having one of the most intricate stone work you may ever see, as well as a historic back story, this work of art is not something you will want to miss. The furnace was built back in 1847 and was used for many years to produce pig iron. It now stands on a state park named after it and is a great site seeing location.

Woodbury Antiques and Flea Market
The final most underrated attraction in the historic constitution state is the Woodbury Antiques and Flea Market. This humongous flea market is stocked with tons of beautiful antiques and historic pieces that you really can’t find anywhere else. With over 42 vendors and lots of food stands, anyone can make a day out of this fun filled shopping experience. Just make sure to bring your wallet since nobody gets out of this place without indulging in something special to take home as a souvenir.
So, whether you love antiquing or sightseeing historic monuments, Connecticut has everything you need to make it a great vacation for the whole family!